Holiday Happenings

November 27th - Christmas Manor comes to life

November 28th - Annual CCA Holly Day Market [This Event Has Been Canceled]

November 28th - Annual Holiday Tree Lighting [This Event Has Been Canceled]

December 5th - Old Fashioned Christmas Parade [This Event Has Been Canceled]

December 17th -Santa Visiting South Side of the Island

December 18th -Santa Visiting North Side of the Island

Christmas Eve - Worship at one of the many Candlelight Services

Christmas Day - Peaceful stroll along the beach to take in the wonders of a truly magnificent day

New Year's Eve - Pony Island Horseshoe Drop [This Event Is Being Held Virtually]

New Year's Day - Polar Pony Plunge @ 1:21pm [This Event Has Been Canceled]

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** Due to Covid-19, events are as scheduled. Any changes may happen with any scheduled event. They will have the right to change and or modify their event for the safety of the public. If you have any questions for any event, you are asked to contact the "Sponsored By" orgazation.


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Due to the impending weather for WEDNESDAY evening (December 16TH), Santa has decided to postpone his trip to the northern half of the island. Here is the new schedule: Thursday the 17th, Santa will tour the south end of the island starting about 5:00pm. Friday the 18th, Santa will tour the north end of the island starting about 5:00pm.

Rounding up the herd for New Years Eve!

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The holiday Season is perhaps the next best time of year to visit Chincoteague Island. The average air temperature in December is 50 degrees with sunny skies. Just imagine yourself, in a cozy warm sweater, listening to the laughing gulls while walking along the beach to the rhythm of the ocean waves gathering shells and driftwood for holiday ornaments.

It’s casual here, come as you are. We invite you to consider spending a pre-holiday weekend on Chincoteague, take in the sights and sounds, and relax. 

Enjoy a beautiful sunset at the dock; they are the prettiest you’ll see. When it disappears on the horizon, savor a bowl of clam chowder and warm bread, or feast on roast turkey and oyster stuffing. 


... Even a cool day

at the beach

beats a day at work!